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draMATHic One – Circle

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Mr T, the teacher: Today, we’re going to learn about formulas relating to circles. Anyone have an example of circles? *Silence follows . . .

Annabelle: Sir, I have a good example of a circle. Mr T: Thanks Anna. Please share. Anna: Pies!

Class erupts in laughter, with snide comments on how Annabelle only thinks about what’s in her belly, with a few kids rubbing their bellies in mockery.

Mr T: Everyone be quiet! You all had a chance to contribute but either didn’t want to or maybe even couldn’t come up with any examples!

*Turning to face Anna, Mr T: Thank you for your example, Anna. Now, has anyone heard about any formulas for circles? Alex the clueless: Yes sir! Pies are squared.

*Class again erupts in mockery. Alex turns away red-faced, shy and embarrassed. Benny the bully speaks up: Pies aren’t squared, you idiot! Let me show you what I had for dinner last night.

*Proceeds to get his phone out, scrolls through pictures and finally shows the class starting with Alex, his round pie. Mr T: Thanks Benny. But do not call people names. You owe Alex an apology. Benny mutters: Sorry Alex. Alex: It’s okay. It’s just something I heard from Steven, my brother in year 11 as he was revising for his maths mock exams at home yesterday evening. Mr T, sounding excited: Alex, I think you might be on to something interesting here! Mr T produces a large picture of a pie and sticks it on the board. Mr T: We can calculate how much area this circle occu-pies using the formula: pie r squared.

*Writes it down on the board – Area = πr²*

Mr T: See…it sounds like ‘pies are squared‘ so that’s something you can use to remember the formula for the area of a circle. Thank you Alex.

Alex, now smiling and with his head up, boldly replies: You are very welcome sir!

P.S.: Apologies for the extra-long hiatus. Hopefully back with more consistency!

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