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Double ‘C’ 7, part 2

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If you’ve not read the first part of this post, please do so here, and then come back.

Welcome back! So I was chewing gum at the end of part 1. When I got to this part in the story when telling it to the rest of my immediate family including my mum, no one quite guessed it right! So you’re a great mind if you find out further down this lane that you thought right! Ha! By now, you may have been able to guess what I did with the chewed gum.


After chewing the sweetness out of the gum, I brought out the second ticket from my bag or pocket (I can’t remember which). I made sure I was sat on the ‘window’ seat of the coach station chairs (as circled in the picture below). The seats in this station were perpendicular/at 90° to the boarding doors to the buses, much like in an aircraft. I then stuck the gum to the under side of the ticket, put it in my right hand and stuck it under the chair in a place such that even if someone else was being untidy and leaving their gum there, their hands wouldn’t naturally reach for that position. At least, that’s what was going on in my head! I think I put it in one of the corners under the chair.

I then made a mental note of the exact place I was seating and called my brother on the phone to describe it to him. He wanted me to take a picture instead but as this was a covert operation and there were too many witnesses and I did not want to get arrested for taking pictures of other passengers, I declined the request. Maybe this was my get-back-at-him for not arriving earlier as I requested…lol. Anyway, I did my best to describe exactly where I had stuck the ticket and also sent it in a very detailed WhatsApp message to him, just in case he couldn’t reach me on the phone when he got to the station.

Image credit: Unlock the Rainbow

My bus came; I boarded and headed home to rest from the very busy last few days.

Well, that was my part done. I had to wait and see how this Mission-Partially-Possible was going to play out. I’ll leave you guessing as to what happened but trust me, it was an interesting tale! I laughed so hard when he told me the full story of when he arrived at the station later that evening. We told mum and she was so happy and laughed so hard too. Our other siblings were thoroughly amused and entertained by the whole thing.

You want to know the concluding part to this unfolding drama, tune in over the next few days to find out more. Trust me, you’ll not be disappointed.

Image credit: Meme Generator

To your laughter and enjoyment . . . .

P.S.: Still wondering why the title is what it is? Double ‘O’ 7, well, neither of us have O’s in our names but our names both start with ‘C’, and it was a double act! Hey! There you go!

You can read the concluding part here.

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