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Double ‘C’ 7, part 1


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You may be wondering, ‘What kind of article title is this, biko?’ (Okay, you may not add the ‘biko’ part, depending on your origin, but you may have used ‘please’ instead. Well, they mean one and the same thing! Now, you can proudly say you know one word in my mother tongue! Way to go!) Well, I recently remembered what happened between my brother and me sometime in December when he was coming to see me, and to be honest, I was quite surprised I hadn’t written about it. So here we go . . . But before we go, double ‘C’ is rather on point because two C’s make an O when facing each other . . . (the randomness of my mind sometimes, makes me laugh at myself!) Anyway, now we can shaa go . . .

It all happened on a cold winter day in December after Christmas, when I had taken the bus with my mum to the coach/bus station for her to board a Megabus coach to go see her cousin. My brother was also due to come down from Leeds to continue his Christmas holiday visit with me from where it paused on Boxing Day. I’d spoken with him previously to book his journey to the station such that he’ll arrive just after I’d seen mum off. But if you have a brother like mine, you would have accurately guessed by now that it did not happen as I proposed.

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There was a reason I wanted him to do this. A single bus journey from my house to the station cost more than the £3.50 all-day travel ticket. So I’d had to buy two day tickets for my mum and I, and the plan was to save money and give him mum’s ticket so that we wouldn’t have to spend extra money on a third day ticket. By the time mum and I were at the coach station, we already knew he wasn’t coming as I proposed and I wasn’t going to hang around in the city centre waiting for hours till he gets there just to save £3.50. That’s even worse than the hourly minimum wage for under-18’s! And it would have been me being penny wise, Kuwaiti Dinar foolish. Ain’t about that life, mehn!! Plus it’s never that deep!!!

So I had to think of a way around this. I went to the station office but it was going to be closed and so un-staffed by the time he arrived at the station, so obviously, I could not leave it there. Which meant that as I sat waiting for my bus home, I had to think of a way around this dilemma. This was when GOD aka Jehovah ‘Sneaky’ like Bill Johnson of Bethel Church said a couple of times (and I concur!) gave me a funny but splendid idea! I started chewing gum; I tend to always have one available in my bag.

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To be continued in the next post….

Eh, shebi, we just learnt about PATIENCE in I will wait, time to practise it. But I promise it won’t be long before the part 2 of this story is out. I know Nigerian movies do this and for the most part, I don’t understand why, but I promise that even though I’m Nigerian, it will be worth the wait, second and third parts! After James Bond has many parts, eh?! Wait jo . . .

P.S.: You can now read the second and third parts to this post here and here.

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