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Donning the Author Hat

Last week, I shared with you my new venture of writing and publishing my first book and building myself a website. And the new neural pathways the whole process created and is creating in my brain! Which I’m thankful for by the way.

This week I finally feel ready to share this gem with you! It’s gone through all the fine tuning I could give it, last round proofreading and restructuring and it’s set to be released tomorrow, Sunday the 14th!! 💃💃💃🎯

I’m so pumped and excited howbeit a bit nervous about putting myself ‘out there’ so to speak. But this is me pushing past my comfort zone into new territories. And while my mind may feel a bit more exhausted than usual, my soul is better for it.

Here you go!

You may have come across the stat that about half of the world’s population thrive under $5/day, especially in Africa.

True or not, if you’ve ever bought a McDonald’s or KFC burger before, that’s clearly not you.

Why’s that important? 🤔

Well, I’ve just written a book chronicling my experiences as a maths teacher in England, UK having been born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. This book costs only £3.99 and is aptly titled,

Good Morning Year 11: One African Teacher’s British Classroom Stories. 🤭

I would offer it to you for free but 10% of the sales from this book goes towards a cause I’m very passionate about. Moreso, I think you would have a really good time reading about why Kyle said, “I’m sorry for not being black”. 😂

#GMY11 is a sneak hilarious peek into the first five years of my teaching career in the UK; it is now available for order on Amazon UK or USA, on Google Play and on my website.

P.S.: Let me know what you think when you read Chapter 6!!!

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