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Do Not Let it

I was in London two weekends ago for a relationship seminar with two of my dear pastors, Pastors Mildred and Kingsley Okonkwo of David’s Christian Centre, Nigeria. It was meant to run from 10am to 5pm, so I booked my train tickets accordingly. Well, the price of the ticket played a huge role as I didn’t fully decide to buy my ticket till 2/3 weeks before.


Cue in split ticketing. Unlike Job, GOD bless the day that I discovered this method of saving money when buying train tickets. If you live in Manchester or surrounding areas, you’d realise that if you were paid the cost of a ticket for a 2-hour train ride to London as an hourly wage, you’ll love your job by force!

Well, I did my splitting and saved me some money in the process. To take the 5.25am train into London and then make the ~1-hour bus journey to Stratford where the event was. I oscillated between driving to the train station and parking closeby or taking the bus. I wanted to take the bus as it was technically cheaper than parking, £3.50 less to be exact!

Well, my powerbank disagreed with that decision as it hid itself from me and wasn’t in the place it was meant to be. Was I in an episode of Toy Story or what? I remember exclaiming, What the hell? (Should have said ‘heaven’!) Then in the next breath asking the Holy Spirit to His star over where the powerbank lay. And He did. It was on my printer. Me too, no idea!

By the time I stopped playing this hide and seek game, it was too late for me to catch the bus. Well, thank GOD for bumblebee! Got in and drove to the train station. Because I had only been to this car park once, I reached for my dear satnav and put it on the windscreen. The satnav thought I was still in the mood for playing and fell off. Not once. Not twice. Three times. You’d think I only just bought it.

Cue the enemy. With lies. Are you sure you should be going? This hasn’t happened before? Why me? Well, thank GOD for HIS help and Hillsong. I let the devil know, NOT TODAY!! And planted a smile on my face. Started thanking GOD that I had an alternative means of getting to the station. And my joy doesn’t cost £3.50!!

To the station on time I got. Got my split tickets and boarded. Got to the venue on time. Met amazing people, some previously known. Event and networking was done about 6pm. My train wasn’t until 9pm. One of the amazing ladies kindly offered to have coffee with me while I’m waiting. I am blessed. We had a good time and about 7pm, decided to head to the station. I arrived London Euston before 8pm just to see the display board full of delays with no expected times of departure.


The 7.20, 7.40 and other trains after that time were delayed. The concourse was buzzing with humans! Not too long after I joined the hive, a Manchester train was ready to board. Its arrival decimated the crowds and I went to ask if I could join the train. The Virgin train staff gladly gave his consent. I merrily made my way to the farthest coach. Long walk I tell you.

The 2-hour journey ended up being a 4-hour trek as we had to stop at 2 stations for further instructions on whether we were going to get to Manchester that night or not. Twitter was abuzz with tweets on people stranded up to 6 hours earlier. On the tracks. The train staff even gave us free water! I finally got off the train in Manchester about 12.40am. If I’d joined my scheduled train, only Jesus knows whether I’d have slept in my bed that night.

Now, this is the best bit. Remember I’m a woman. I need to invite you fully into the journey or …. By the time I got back, I realised that if I’d taken the bus like I wanted to in the morning, I’d have had to spend even more money taking a taxi to get back home as all the buses home stopped running just before midnight.

So the hiding power bank, which by the way came in handy on the 4-hour ride, was a blessing in disguise.

The train delay also meant that part if not all of my train ticket cost was to be refunded, saving me even more money! Hallelujah!!

I rejoiced at my realisation of this great orchestrating. It may seem small to you but it was a reminder to me that HIS eyes is on the sparrow and I know HE cares for me.

To your thanking GOD before the blessing is fully unveiled . . .

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