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Do Not Flush

I recently had a long overdue catch up phone call with a dear friend of mine, who I hadn’t spoken to in, what I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if true, a year. It was really good catching up with him and sharing testimonies of seeing the hand of GOD in each of our lives. Our conversation could have gone on for longer but he had work to get back to and I had holiday to keep resting in…lol.

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One of the things we spoke about was job-related, finding a good job in a foreign country. And we both had similar experiences and whilst reflecting on our conversation, and another I had with another dear friend, I came to the conclusion that no effort of faith in GOD is ever lost. I’ll say that again:


It may appear that you put all your eggs into HIS basket and then suddenly, there’s nothing to show for it. But trust me, trust us, better yet, trust GOD, HE bears record of it all. To give you some insight into why I reached this conclusion, I’ll share our stories as one. We both applied for jobs and we put much efforts to get ready for the job interviews, physical, mental and spiritual efforts. Declared the Word of GOD over the jobs, prayed for favour, spent time honing the presentation and other aspects of the interview, and truly believed GOD it was in the bag. Then went for the interview and put our best two feet forward, left knowing we’d done our parts and the ball was now in GOD’s court, we tagged GOD in.

In his case, the job wasn’t offered; in my case, it was offered, I dragged my feet, then accepted it, then lost it a few weeks later. In both cases, tears were shed, hurt was felt, disappointment was brewing, it felt bad. Questions like “why me, LORD?”, “didn’t I pray enough?”, “was it not enough faith?”, “did YOU send me message or na me send myself message to go for the job?” To be honest, you must be very advanced in the LORD to not think this way. Thankfully, in both cases again, we picked ourselves up and kept moving on, thanks to those around us.

This is where the story gets glorious!! Can I get an/a HALLELUJAH?!! Hehe…


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After some weeks, we both got calls from the company offering us the job, with slightly different parameters or specifics. But still, we got the jobs in the end. Imagine if our efforts at the first try was wishy-washy, we wouldn’t have seen the door to those offices again. But thank GOD HE is a faithful GOD and has called us to be HIS children of excellence, shining as stars for HIS glory. What we thought was lost, was found again!

Now, don’t be reading this and think that it will happen for you exactly the way it happened for us. Not necessarily but remember GOD has a memorial of your prayers ever rising before HIM (Acts 10:4), your own book of remembrance (Malachi 3:16). HE will not forget your labor of love (1 Corinthians 15:58) in trusting HIM to come through for you. HE keeps your tears in a bottle (Psalms 56:8).

I recently listened to a message by Bill Johnson in which he explained that what the angel said to Zacharias in the temple can also be translated as: “the prayers you no longer pray, have been answered” (Luke 1:13). So my dear friend, yes you reading this, none of your prayers to GOD with sincerity of faith and singleness of mind is ever a waste.

Please, DO NOT FLUSH!!

P.S.: Here’s an extra lesson I’m learning in this season of my life that relates to this story somewhat: The fact that things don’t go the way you expected or wanted, does not mean GOD isn’t in the journey with you (Psalms 23:4).

To your holding on to GOD,….

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