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dey your lane

For my non-Pidgin English speaking readers, what that means is mind your own business. In this case, not with respect to being a busybody but to taking care of yourself on your​ own journey ​and not comparing with others around you.

One of the things I noticed myself doing sometimes is comparing myself with other people. It is probably what we all struggle with, at least to some extent, in some area of our lives. And recently I’ve been regularly reminded that I’m on different journey to the human-standard I’m comparing myself too.

This one is particularly in spiritual matters. Comparing my spiritual journey with another’s is just recipe for me falling into a pit of my own digging. Especially as the Bible says those that compare themselves with themselves are not wise, in other words, are foolish (2nd Corinthians 10:12-16). And he that digs a pit shall fall into it (Proverbs 26:27).

When I see someone praying or reading/studying the Bible and I’m doing something else that may seem less spiritual, I tend to feel like I must drop all and go on my knees or yank open my Bible. It’s not like the thing I may be doing is ungodly or time-wasting or useless. It’s usually just one of those things life asks to be done, or that I do to relax.

I get reminded that I’m on a different journey, and praying and reading my Bible because I feel bad that someone else is doing it and I’m not, I’m sure is not how any loving Father will want the child HE loves to come to them everyday – only because they feel they’re falling short!

Since I’m almost certain this is not the heart of Father GOD, I confidently tell the enemy to shut up or gerraraheremehn! Because any thought that doesn’t inspire hope is a lie and of the enemy.

So the next time you see yourself doing the comparison dance, change the music. Because that’s not the tune you should be dancing to as member of this dance group called the Body of Christ.

Comparison steals your joy. Comparison does not allow you enjoy the progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come. Comparison puts undue pressure on you. Comparison turns heartfelt relationship into action-based performance. Comparison creates reactions instead of responses. It leads to living to tick off boxes. It can keep you in a state of constantly feeling under. It turns you into a copycat, an actor, with a reduced or no sense of identity and value and worth.

It can create jealousy and bitterness in your heart, causing defilement (Hebrews 12:15). It can make you insensitive to what GOD is doing in your life as you keep peering across the fence to the gardens of others. Comparison is living in foolishness. It does not allow you genuinely celebrate the expression of the grace of GOD upon your life nor that on the life of the person you are comparing to.

Comparison sets up a false god, a false standard you strive too hard to get to, when your standard should be GOD and the destiny HE has carved out for you. It can lead you to finding faults in the lives of others so that you don’t fall short in your own estimation – the plank vs speck in eye picture (Matthew 7:5).

So by all means, avoid comparison. Allow the Holy Spirit convict your heart when it goes in that direction. And turn around, repent when HE cautions you, so that you’re happy in, on and with your own journey. No false victories; no false failures.

To your living on your own GOD-lane, . . .

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