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CoQ: The Plethora

For the un-inducted, CoQ means Chronicles of Quarantine. I have written two posts so far on this topic that you can read here and here.

This week’s post is about the different observations and/or conversations I have had in the last week, on different areas of my life. Let’s go.

  1. Church services: If you are a christian, one of the things you have probably missed a lot is being in church with your church fam’, worshipping the good LORD together, singing at the top of your lungs because your neighbours cannot even hear you because the loudspeakers are fulfilling their destinies = being loud. If you try that at home, especially if you live in an apartment or a terrace, the po-po might come to have a word with you.

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This one I miss a lot. I miss seeing people, hugging and catching up, sharing laughs and playful jabs, dancing and joking around. I miss them all.

But I’m thankful for all the many ministers I have been blessed with through many IG Live sessions. GOD bless you all. And hey ho, GOD is good, which brings me to my second point.

  1. I am now an official member of the International Church Worldwide! Let that sink in for a bit. I believe it is technically possible to be in many church services back to back especially on a Sunday. For me as an example, I join the Pastor Poju, the senior pastor of the Covenant Nation at 6.45 am on Instagram (@pastorpoju), then the 8am service at 8 am. Then I jump into David’s Christian Centre with Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (@kingsleypst), then Pastor Uche of Christ Embassy, Manchester till about 12.30 pm.

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If I haven’t had enough by this time, I might join Bethel church in the afternoon. There is so much spiritual feeding to be done in this time. Again, GOD bless the founder of the internet, then IG, Facebook and YouTube. In that order. I was even telling a friend how I now split for Sunday offerings across all the different ministries blessing my soul.

  1. Let’s just say my fashion sense is on the back burner for now. Has anyone felt like they better stay fashionable to some extent, or else, post-COVID19, they would have to hire a personal stylist? I’ve had to make sure I’m not recycling clothes but wearing as many different ones as possible.

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For example, this morning, I was bent on wearing my bright blue shorts given the sunny weather but then it took me almost 10 minutes to decide on a t-shirt. My people, I was not going anywhere oh, but to my back garden to clean it up! I ended up ironing 3 different t-shirts before settling on one! God, help me.

Let me not even bring up the issue of eyebrows. Like a friend shared, my brows have probably not been like this since early years of university. But I am loving their fullness though, so who knows?

  1. I live in a 2-bedroom house and I typically only use my living room and bedroom. But these days, I’m using all the rooms in my house. Breakfast in my kitchen. Morning prayers in the second room (primarily so I can be loud without being too self conscious). IG Live classes, online bootcamps, reading and sudoku in my conservatory. Work, writing and exercise in my living room.

So, I am enjoying my full rent money! For the first time.

Now, over to you. What are you noticing about yourself in this temporary but critical season? Let me know in the comments below.

To your being present with yourself, . . .

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