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CoQ: Quiet Noises

Thank you again for reading. I’m still on my series of Chronicles of Quarantine. And so far, this is the 4th post. It’s probably shorter than the others, which you can read here, here and here.

Today’s post is on the level of quietness around us. And I’m almost certain you have also found how quiet things are now. Except maybe in your own house if you have natural noise generators! I even read an article on the BBC website of how the UK has experienced less shaking since the lockdown. I found that quite interesting.

Of course, I have something even more interesting to chronicle to you today.

So what I noticed in this lockdown especially when it was very quiet was that when I was sat on the sofa, I could hear a ticking sound like that of a wristwatch, coming through my right ears. Now, I know I had left one of my wristwatches on the kitchen table next door but even with my super hearing skills that all teachers have, I didn’t think that was what I was hearing. Simply too far away.

Next thought was that someone who attended a Christmas party at mine last year had forgotten their watch. Although that was more plausible, I’d have expected them to have found that it was lost by now!

And you wouldn’t believe it, with all the time I had, I couldn’t be bothered to remove the sofa cushions and get out the mysterious watch. I just ignored the ticking sound and carried on as I was before it rudely disrupted me.

But then, it got more annoying. Especially when I was sat on a different sofa and could still hear the ticks. Argh!!!!

Then I started to feel worried. Was there something up with my right ear? Because I noticed I couldn’t hear the ticks when I turned me head. What in the world was going on?!

Then the devil gave me a suggestion. Google ‘ticking sound in right ear, maybe it’s a disease.’ I found that plausible as I’d heard of tinnitus (I even needed to Google that to get the spelling correct!) I was tempted to but I knew I shouldn’t as I knew it would just fill my mind with the wrong knowledge which I had no business managing especially in this season.

I then realised the only things common to the two sofas where the TV remote and the Amazon Fire TV stick I got myself as I was fed up with having to connect my laptop to the TV using a HDMI cable.

In all my wisdom, yes it was very small, I put the fire stick to my ear. And lo and behold, that was where the ticking sound was coming from.

I was so vexed, I hissed, Get thee behind me, satan!!! Devil, get out of here!!!

Wanting to open me up to sickness. God forbid!!

That’s all folks.

To your not giving the devil any room, Happy Sunday!!

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