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CoQ: Holy Alarm Clock

Hey y’all. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Especially you! Yes you. I’m so blown away that you would not only read but subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any posts. I’m truly grateful for you. God bless you. I hope you and your family are keeping well in this season? God’s blessings. On to today’s post. Enjoy.

I’m continuing on this journey of chronicling my quarantine (CoQ). I recently joined a group of women who get up at 5 am to praise God for an hour. Please don’t think of me as some next level spiritual sergeant. God is still perfecting me everyday.

Anyway, since the lockdown, I’ve tried to maintain my wake up time. In fact, I’ve been so faithful at it, that this morning was the first time I went back and stayed in bed till about 7.30 am. Me thinks I deserve a standing ovation! Lol… jokes.

And since there’s no time needed for dressing and making up as I’m not going anywhere but downstairs,

I’ve switched off my 6.30 am work alarm. But the early sunrises are helping me wake up around that time.


So this 5 am one. Hmm, I hadn’t naturally gotten up at 5 am. Yet. And even if I did, it was probably to answer the call of nature. Which I did with eyes almost closed. I mean I’ve lived in this place for a while and I can practically walk around with my eyes shut. But I always go right back to bed!

Given the 4 weeks of no alarms, as you can imagine, I’d developed a dislike for alarm clocks. This 5 am waking up was no different. So, I knew I needed a different strategy this time. And guess what I did?

I asked the Holy Spirit to wake me up. I put my phone on silent and left it on the floor near my bed.

First night? I had a dream in which all my church members were at the Pastor’s house and the 1st Sunday morning service had finished and 2nd service was about to start. Me? I was busy looking for my towel to take a shower.

photography of a person riding horse

The pastor got so annoyed that we were dragging our feet to get to church that he got him a horse whip. Near where I was looking for my towel, I heard a loud twang as the whip descended on the bed near me. I was so annoyed that I woke up!! Still feeling the annoyance.

It was 5.14 am. I reckon the Holy Spirit had been trying to wake me up since before 5 am. But this child was still sleep drugged! Hence the whip.

I smiled and got out of bed.

2nd night? No dream this time. I opened my eyes, reached for my phone on the floor. It was 4.34 am. I gave myself sense and got out of bed and went to the living room. Might as well start before we begin.

black and white photo of clocks

3rd night? I got up 3 times. First at 1.23 am. I was annoyed. Second time at 3.25 am or so. Still vexed. Third strike at 4.35 am. Like my body couldn’t decide what time zone it wanted to follow!! I felt so groggy, I conceded and set a 20-minute timer. Eventually giving in, I just went into the next room to begin before we started.

4th night? I’ll find out tomorrow morning.

To your enjoying the littlest moments of God in this season, . . .

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