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CoQ: Bumblebee Memory Lane

Fam!! Howdy? I hope you and yours have been safe and well in these interesting times? Me and mine are great, thanks for asking! On to today’s post. If you’re one of my day ones or have been a regular reader of my blog, (thank you!), you would have read all about my Bumblebee. This is another episode in the Chronicles of Quarantine series.

For the uninducted, Bumblebee is the first and only car I’ve had since I got my driving license. He was christened that by my brother because of his colour. And both of us have gone on crazy adventures since we came together. We’ve clocked many miles, carried many passengers, conquered many weathers, seen many places, and shared many exploits.

But it’s looking like our time together is coming to a halt.

People!! Bumblebee is now on the tables, waiting to be adopted by the next loving owner or family.

So today, I want to go down memory lane and recount a couple of interesting events in our time together. Over 4 years.

The most recent adventure we had together was leaving Bumblebee on at the supermarket as his heart (battery) was beginning to fail him. And I didn’t want to leave him all by himself away from the safety of home. #heartbreaknot You can read all about it here. Remember when he thought he was in Fast and Furious?

I’ve prayed on and for this car. One time I was driving back home from Nottinghamshire through a windy road and was meant to be going up to 60 mph. I got us to the venue and so I knew I knew how to drive. But Bumblebee wasn’t accelerating and no, I wasn’t going uphill.

Instead, he was losing speed and his cousins behind were not very happy either. I changed gears all the way down to 1 to begin the climb back up to 5 but this was not working. It was dark, rainy, windy and ominous and I really just wanted to be home already.

So I did what any good Christian woman would do. I started to roar, in fact, scream the Word at him. I spoke in tongues over him very loud and continued shouting that he was going to take me home! No matter what was going on under his cap (hood/bonnet) in his brain (engine).

And he listened. He got empowered and started accelerating like he should. We eventually got home and he worked well since. In fact, when he starts making sounds I have no bearing for given that I’m not a mechanic, I tell him in no uncertain terms, that he is functioning perfectly till I’m ready for another person to adopt him!

I remember when Bumblebee was the carrier of 4 adults and a young child. It was my brother-in-law’s graduation day and we were trying to find parking in a multi-story car park.

Now, I believe these car parks are designed and built with 30-cm rulers and a pair of compasses! They are so tight! And steep between floors. Bumblebee felt the pressure when trying to pull all 5 of us up the steep incline to the next parking level.

Somehow, we didn’t think to offload ourselves to make the climb easier on him. I put the car in reverse, rolled back down, went back to gear 1 and fired him up. And guess what? He cooperated and pulled us all up! Hallelujah!!

We got all parked up and went to enjoy a lovely graduation dinner in celebration of completion and new horizons. Yipppeeee!!!

So while Bumblebee might be available for adoption, knowing that we’ve built many memories together is a good gift that I’m grateful for.

To your recalling all the good times in times of transition, . . .

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