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CoQ: A collection of thoughts

Hey dear one! I hope you and your family are doing well? Please stay safe and well. Keep your spirits up no matter what. I’m rooting for your triumph. Now unto today’s post.

I’m determined to blog at least once a week but not every week presents a full enough story to share with you. So, today’s post is going to be snippets of some of the thoughts I’ve been

ruminating on and things I’ve been noticing in these times. Here we go!

Why does it seem like God drops bars in my heart when I’m doing mundane things like washing the dishes or driving or cleaning the house?

Like this one came to mind as I walked to the kitchen to wash off my dinner dishes and I looked down at my toes!

I’m super grateful to God for my neighbours. They’re very quiet which means I can have quiet any time I choose. The challenge is only God knows what they think of my early morning or late evening musical vocal performance! That said, I’m allergic to terraced houses as I like to roar from time to time. So, fully detached houses, here I come. #nosharedwalls

Finally, I’ve been considering the subject of death more in the last of weeks with two deaths of people I know. Not from a morbid point of view but how it can reset our priorities and suddenly, we see it reasonable to leave the so-called important things and attend to the ones that are grieving.

I’ve thought back to how I’ve shifted everything else to attend a friend’s wake or funeral, or be with their family.

And my question to myself is, if I can do all this in death, shouldn’t I be able to make more effort in life? I’d travel miles without regard for costs of time and money in death but would I do the same in life? I like to think I would. I know I would. In fact, I have

But when I find it’s not reciprocated, I wonder if the relationship is what I deem it to be!

Now that we’re all locked away from those we care about, do you think you would behave differently the next time you’re able to hug them? Are you recalibrating your relationships based on how they have related with you in this time?

These are just my musings. Especially today that felt so hard given my primary love language is touch! Argh!!! Feel free to add your own thoughts by commenting below.

To your freedom in love, . . .

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