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Commuter Observations

If you are my regular reader (thank you for your support!) and have read my most recent posts on the art of being Home, I wrote one on travel which you can read here. While Home, I used a lot of public transport and because for most of my journeys, I didn’t really know exactly where I was going – knew just the address, nor the way to get there, there was no luxury of bowing down to my phone to see the latest on my news feeds. So I had to pay attention and be alert, even engage the drivers in conversation.

Image credit: New Paltz

Being ‘away’ from my phone (usually in my hand or pocket…lol) is something I’m trying to teach myself to do. To lift my head and observe what’s happening around me and be more aware and observant. Also, a Facebook friend regular had ‘Commuter observations’ posts which reminds me to look up and be present.

Some of you already know I can be ‘allergic’ to my phone sometimes, so it’s not really a struggle to look away except I’m absolutely bored out of my mind in a barren land!!

So anyway, I was on a High Street walk running errands and I observed a few things which I’ve listed below and included one I’d observed from Saturday.

  1. In the corporate district, two guys in business-looking suits were in seemingly deep conversation with each other standing next to a beggar with a cup in his hand, jingling the few coins that were in there and looking up to them. They were less than 1 feet from him and how they managed to carry on their discussion without at least ‘bribing’ him to be quiet with more money, is no mean feat. #bartimaeusbythewayside  #nevergiveup   #alwayslookup

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  1. I was only thanking GOD in my heart that the guy walking and smoking in front of me on a busy sidewalk was taller than me, so the exhaust from his mouth or nose went over my head. Only for him to slow down and turn slightly right, the exhaust came directly in my line of inhalation! #faceforward  #themsendyou?

Image credit: Health Life

  1. I wondered how many man-hours are ‘lost’ to employees who take cigarette breaks during working hours. Do these breaks form part of their lunch or shift breaks or is it taken any time? An average of 10 cigarettes per day, probably 5 during working hours; average of 6 minutes for one means 30 minutes per day and in a month, 10 hours. I did a quick Google search for these stats. #quitsmoking   #beaddictedtoGOD

  2. Do ladies who wear killer heels to work actually feel comfortable in them? I saw a lady with a burgundy pair of heels and red feet especially where the edges of the shoes rubbed against the skin. #comfortfirst  #fashionisnotbyforce  #heelsarefornicephotos

Image credit: Pinterest

  1. On the London underground to Elephant&Castle, this lady was sleeping next to me with a box of toy(s) stowed safely under her arm. There must have been@ least 4 stops + announcements before E&C, she didn’t wake up, didn’t even budge. I thought to myself: “is this like those well-timed ‘Amens’ echoed from deep slumber when the grace is shared at the end of a church service? So that no one realises you’ve been listening to a different sermon?

Image credit: Visual Photos

I decided to wait and see, prepared to wake her up if need be. My hunch was right. As soon as the train got to E&C, the lady opened her eyes and walked off. I thought to myself: “Self, you smell home when you get home, you know you’re at home when you get home!! Lesson: if it doesn’t resonate like home, smell like home, feel like home, jump & pass, keep moving, don’t stop till you’ve got home. #homeiswheretheheartis #homeisGOD

To everyone, keep your head up, notice and enjoy your surroundings with the eyes GOD has so graciously blessed you with. Who knows what you might find next? Where your next inspiration will come from?

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