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Chronicles of the Quarantine

Some of you my dear and regular readers may have digitally encountered my Bumblebee. It is my first and yet only car and has served good time. But with this lockdown, quarantine and restrictions on movement, it has been taking a break.

And when I tried to take it for a ride two weeks ago, it seemed like it had taken the quarantine too personal. And decided not to move again.

Thankfully a plumber was at my house to check my boiler. I asked if he could jumpstart it for me. We tried, no luck. His conclusion? Dead battery. Me? No response.

I then texted a good friend who came with his posh car and successfully jumpstarted my car. So off I went on my merry way. Had to do a bit of motorway driving to get the battery charged, as I’ve been told.

But the main reason I wanted to leave my house in the first instance, was because I needed some groceries. Even though the car was driving, I wasn’t confident it would start again once I turned the engine off. And although I could drive back home, park the car and walk to the supermarket, I wasn’t really keen on the 45-minute walk each way. Even in good weather.

So I made what must be the most gangster decision I have made till date. Drive to the store. Park in the furthest corner of the car park. Leave the engine running. Run into the store to grab the items on my list. Race back to the car. Hopefully still meet my car there.

I smiled as that sequence of actions played in my mind as I made the right turn towards the store. As I parked my car and sped walked to the store entrance, I kept looking back hoping no one suspicious had noticed the key in the ignition.

There was a young man walking in the car’s direction with two shopping bags and I hoped he had no interest in a free ride. When I saw him walk past behind my car, I smiled in reassurance and carried on into the store.

While in the store, I got carried away with all the options on display, trying to remember if I had forgotten anything. Taking my time to decide on what I needed or just wanted.

But my brain told me not to tempt my village people. Before they send someone to take my car for a spin! Well, I listened to my good brain’s advice and concluded my shopping pronto.

As I skipped out of the store, I have never been so happy and gladdened by sight of Bumblebee still breathing fuel and all them gases.

I’ve never done anything this adventurous before. But I am happy I have this one under my belt of adventures.

To your pushing your limits and going out on a limb, . . .

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