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Changing the Atmosphere

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So I started this new training placement in a school in South Manchester and drove there on my first day. But walahi, Manchester people (many it seems), those that drive that is, are in a constant hurry to go somewhere. I can almost imagine it being like Lagos during rush hour if by mistake someone plants a virus in the computer controls of the traffic lights and they start behaving like some LASTMA people. I can only imagine!! As a result, I initially decided not to drive as it was causing me too much anxiety (topic for another day!). Bus and tram journey times were about the same but bus was cheaper, almost by a half, in fact probably more as I would have needed to take the bus to the tram stop closest to my house.

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That’s the background, now to the main ground . . .hehe. So here I was, I’m bus-ing back home on this weird weather Friday in April, and whilst waiting at the bus stop, I see this old guy walking ever so slowly with his walking stick towards me. Something clicks in my mind. I’m careful/warned not to judge. He finally gets to the bus stop just in time for the bus. I could smell him but I probably reckon my proximity is the reason my nasal sensors picked him up.  I give him preference to get on but he insists I go ahead…chivalry exists!

By the time he enters the bus, he changes the gaseous constituents of the atmosphere! For real man! Now, I was two rows behind him and I could smell him. It took all I could not to move further back into the bus. Boy, did he smell!! Thankfully he got off like 3 stops later and I decided to time how long it will take before I stop noticing the smell. By my estimation, about 5 minutes.

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Now, I had a long time ago, watched an episode of Criminal Minds where 2 of the BAU-ers were at a crime scene and one could not stand the smell. The other reassured her that it will soon blend in and not be so gross or noticeable any more. And since it was Dr Spencer Reid that said it, I think it was scientific…hehe (I’m not going too even bother verifying it!). So it means the smell must have remained for longer in the bus and I just couldn’t notice it any more.

Yes, you know I have a point! As always. It got me thinking: Imagine if I enter a place and while I’m there and even some time after I leave, the fragrance of GOD still remains and people take notice, not of me, but of HIM, the ONE who clothes me with HIMSELF like HE did with Gideon in Judges 6:34? What if like the Apostles, the people know I am unlearned but take notice that I have been with Jesus as recorded in Acts 4:13? What if I carry GOD so much, HE remains with those with whom I come in contact with? What if I don’t even take notice that they encountered GOD because I came on board, because I came into their midst, so that no glory whatsoever came to me?

Just a thought! But how beautiful that will be! Oh how beautifully glorious!

To our pursuit of carrying HIS presence everywhere we go . . .

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