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That awkward moment when you look at something but you don’t see it! Am I making sense? Can I get a witness? No? Well, stay with me and I’ll explain in a bit. I was thinking of a new post, as one was over due, (before I become a once-in-21-days blogger! Heaven forbid!!) and an earlier experience this year of looking but not seeing came to mind. It started to take on flesh as I thought about it some more. I then made a mental note to revisit it once I was sat in-front of my PC with better music playing through my B&O speakers (thanks a lot bro!)

If you’ve read one of my first posts on this blog, you might remember this one on my initial driving experiences. (GOD is helping your sister! Amen!) Let me detour a bit:

Image credit: Dreamstime

I think not everyone has a calling to drive a moving vehicle, walahi! Is the word, moving, even necessary there? When people say they love driving long distances, road trips and all things related, I feel like they fell from another planet and invaded mine. My brain cannot fit to comprehend them because I’m closer to the other end of the spectrum in the driving love-hate dichotomy! I do not like driving!

When I’m in my car alone, I wonder why them car manufacturers cannot reduce the size of the car to the space just in front of my feet and a couple of feet behind me. I feel like I’m occupying too much space on the roads and not making efficient use of the car. Or maybe even a collapsible car, you know like a suitcase that has expandable components, eh? Automotive engineers? Mgbo? What are you doing with your degrees, after >4 years in university and work experiences? That should be easy oh. Anyway, I’ve lent you that idea for free . . .

Imagine controlling such an equipment with only 2 hands and 2 legs, for a manual, and 2 hands and 1 leg for an automatic. Especially that you do said controlling sitting down. If that doesn’t make you feel a sense of authority, then I don’t know what will. You probably don’t know 10% of all the engineering behind that clutch-and-gas-pedal tug-of-war you do as you move yourself from point A to B. No matter the size of the vehicle, you sit down to control it, to drive it. I’m yet to see a vehicle that you drive standing. Maybe there’s one, but I know it not. I’m not even going to bother with a Google search. Okay, I had to. And I saw one from 2013 here, but it looks more like a segway, so doesn’t really count. Anyway back to my car rant . . .

Of course, in addition to the 4 limbs used to drive, you need 2 eyes and 1 brain or else, accidents will be surrounding you like waters cover the sea. But then again, there may be cars for the blind or visually impaired. Yes, I had to google quickly and found another 2013 article here and some older ones so maybe it’s not very popular, at least not from the first results page.

I had another brain wave while this post was cooking. I was watching a service online and when the camera panned to the drummer-man, I immediately thought this:

Drummers must like driving!

Stay with me; to drum you need incredible limb coordination. Trust me, I’ve tried it and my brain does not (yet) see why the rhythm of the right hand and left leg must be different. It would be interesting, the results from asking, at least half-decent drummers if they liked driving or found it easy to get the hang of it.

Rant over!

Anyway, this detour has passed detour. It has led to a different destination entirely. So the original destination will resume in the next post by GOD’s grace.

May you drive better than me, . . .

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