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Breaking Bad (SS4)

Nope! I don’t watch the TV show (either); it just seemed a nice, catchy title for this post. Hehe . . . About a week from now, I’ll write four posts back-to-back on my hair-scalp ordeal. You will be able to read all about it here, here, here and then finally here . . . lol.

It is usually said it take 21 days to build a habit. And I reckoned that since the scalp illness lasted about 7/8 weeks, I had enough time to build the habit of scratching an itchy scalp, then reinforce that habit with practice. So that probably explains why my hands will go automatically to my head to scratch even with the slightest nudge.

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For me, it meant I had to give myself time to recover, to overcome the scratching habit, to keep declaring the LIFE of GOD over me till my complete healing was fully manifested. It meant using any itch desires as triggers to pray, rejoice, sing, get up and dance about the goodness of GOD. It meant telling myself quite regularly that I was getting used to my healing. This made sure I didn’t wallow in self-pity or give room for affliction to rise a second time.

As I began to do this, the itch desires began to be weaned off me and I became more aware of when my hands were going to my head to scratch and stopped myself when possible or scratched more gently. And as this happened, any fears of a repeat dis-ease on my scalp were dismantled, so much so that I finally got to let someone else touch my hair.

Why am I saying all this? How often do people come into our lives and we start them off on where we think they should be not realising where they have been or were doing before your paths cross. Even if someone says they’re now a christian, for some, it takes some time for them to break the ungodly habits that were almost second nature. It can take a while for the strongholds that have been entrenched in their hearts to be pulled.

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Yes, GOD in HIS mercies and sovereignty can separate them totally and immediately from those but for some, they have to work out their salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). Staying on GOD’s WORD till what HE says – as the seed, becomes the trees in their lives bearing fruits that show repentance has taken place, that the old roots have been uprooted and new shoots shot down in the soil of their hearts.

And we all know that a tree worth keeping takes a while to show fruit. Any building planned to have more than one floor, requires more than a foot-long foundation. Like we say in Nigeria: better soup, na money kill am!

Looking at the outward appearance only is a costly mistake Prophet Samuel nearly made in 1 Samuel 16 had GOD not stepped in to correct and point him to the last-born son, David of rudy and un-kingly appearance, as the one to be anointed.

In addition to handling others gracefully, we should also be willing to offer same grace to ourselves when we fall short. GOD offers that grace to us and it is just pride and unnecessary confidence in our abilities that make us think we may be above the simplicity of grace and want to deal with our sins ourselves – self-inflicted punishment, so we can feel better. No, that’s not the way forward. Simply receive GOD’s grace and move on in HIM.

Breaking bad habits takes time. Give yourself room to make mistakes; only make sure you don’t stay down because GOD’s hand is stretched out to pick you up back on your feet. Rely on GOD’s ability in you and HIS righteousness HE kindly imputes to you to cover you fully.

Comment, like and share to show me what you think.

To more of your functioning under grace, . . .

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