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Blessed Assurance

Some of you reading this may have had a song come to mind when you read the title of this post – Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine; Oh! what a foretaste of glory divine,…. That’s a great hymn and reminds me of the overarching foundation and life to all I do is being a part with Jesus. It not only points to future glory but tells me of present victories when HE is with me and I’m with HIM.

blessed assur

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In the past few months, I’ve been dealing with rather nasty anxieties and panic attacks I never thought I had prior to this season and still can’t pinpoint what exactly caused it but I had panic attacks about even the minutest of things. And honestly, it has exhausted me. I’m getting better but wholly depending on Jesus for strength for each day and every situation I face.

In light of these mind troubles, when these attacks happen, sometimes I sense the Holy Spirit’s definite reassurance that all will be well. And that’s what, that’s one of the main things that gives me peace (John 14:27) and strength to move on, to move through the process I’m in, move through to the other side of the thing I’m afraid to do in that moment. I have quite a few examples to share and I’ll do so over the following paragraphs.

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One happened earlier this year shortly after I’d gotten me a car (which I wrote about here) and started driving. (I’d passed my driving test two years prior to this time and driven 3 times since.) I think I was going to the town centre and was so afraid, so panicked, I almost walked but the Holy Spirit reassured me that I won’t have any accidents – that specific! And I didn’t! I stalled on a rather steep hill climb but did not roll back to any car behind; my turning into streets wasn’t great but I didn’t hit anyone or any car nor did any car hit me.

Another driving-related example: One of the triggers of anxiety and panic in me was driving. I decided to drive to a friend’s birthday party about 100 miles away from home and I could sense HIS specific reassurance (Deuteronomy 31:6) that I would get there and back safely, which I did in the dark and pouring rain, with no street lights on a winding road that is the A628.

One more example: As part of my teacher training, I have to have regular formal observations to get my teaching evaluated to provide evidence that I am meeting the teaching standards. On one of such formal observations, sometime in May this year, I had my subject mentor and training director carry out a joint observation of yours truly. Half way through the lesson, I felt my tummy rumble for the toilet. I think I started to sweat at some point and could barely get my focus away from the pressing need to escape the classroom. I had to pray and ask GOD for help! Thank GOD for HIS promise to be with me in the floods and the fires – Isaiah 43:2.

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Again, the Holy Spirit specifically reassured me that all will be well and yes, it was well – Isaiah 3:10. I was able to rein it in till about 30 minutes after the lesson period was over! Isn’t GOD good? I didn’t even fart, which would have been mental in a room with over 30 humans!!

In what ways have you experienced GOD’s reassurance in situations that tend to rattle you? Feel free to share and let’s encourage each other.

To your living in the peace on earth that Jesus promised on His way to heaven, . . .

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