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Bible Maths 2

So, in last week’s post, I introduced you to a part of how my brain works and sees numbers when I read and study the Bible. You can read that post here.

In today’s post, I’m continuing along those lines, still taking a break from the Chronicles of Quarantine series, to let you in a bit more to my world of numbers and the Bible. Actually there’s a book of the Bible called Numbers!! See, Maths is at the heart of the Creator God Himself! 😉

First, I’ll share some pictures with you. I found these while going through some old journals, some from about 12 years ago! This one below is from my calculations on the two stories of Jesus multiplying the 5 loaves and 2 fishes for the 5000 men, and the 7 loaves and few fishes for the 4000 men. With the 12 and 7 baskets of leftovers respectively.

Yes! I did all these during my quiet time. It must have been on a Saturday morning. I cannot imagine doing this on a work day. Sometimes I just get so deep into it like that! 🤦‍♀️

This next one is my understanding of Joseph’s strategy to save a fifth = 20% of all the corn in Egypt during the 7 years of plenty, so much so that they had enough to feed themselves and sell to the rest of the world in the 7 years of famine. Enjoy!

This last one I hope is pretty straightforward if you read the footnotes of the Passion Translation of the Bible. I like Algebra! Just saying!

And this last one will probably blow your mind! Or at least surprise you. If you take your time to do the calculations (only simple additions) of the genealogy from Adam to Noah, it would appear that Adam was still alive when Noah was born. Remember they lived to nearly 1000 years in those days! 😲🤔🤨

Take your time. Do the maths yourself. If you find any discrepancies in my sums, please comment below.

It’s now your turn. Have you ever noticed yourself seeing the Word of God through the lens or mindset of something you love doing? Maybe the Bible makes more sense to you when you can find a parallel analogy? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

To your enjoyment and embrace of the Word as you are, . . .

Remember to share this post with your geeky christian friends. I bet they’ll love you for it.

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