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Bible Maths

Hey! So today, I’m taking a break from the CoQ series to talk about another subject that I like – Maths. Which means that sometimes when I read the Bible, my brain does a number on the numbers! Lol… I’m just going to share a few things I’ve noticed and I’m sure there are many. But these are some of the ones that readily come to mind. Enjoy!!

Pastor Nathaniel Bassey of the Imela song fame, regularly hosts the Hallelujah Challenge that runs from 7 – 21 days. One of the key scriptures is Acts 16:25, which tells of how Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to God at midnight. If you’ve never read the story, it’s a great one to read.

So I see those numbers, and guess what comes to my mind? Consecutive Square Numbers!! Lol… 4²= 16 and 5² = 25!! And that’s how I remember the chapter and verse numbers!

Another one is in Deuteronomy 32:30, which talks about one chasing a thousand, and two chasing ten thousand. Immediately, my brain thinks this: then how many would three chase?

Let’s do some maths. If one is to 1000, two to 10,000, then three can be to 100,000 if we multiply by 10 each time. This is called Geometric Progression if you’re interested in the official maths language. It could also be an Arithmetic Progression, which means you’re adding 9,000 each time. This means 3 would chase 19,000. But I like the first option. As I believe that’s more in line with the nature of God.

Remember the multiplication of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes to feed 5000 men, not counting women and children.

Another one is the verse in 2 Peter 3:8, which tells us a day is with the Lord as a 1000 years. Again, I think what is 1 hour with Him like then?

For easy calculations, let’s assume there are 25 hours in a day (to avoid decimals!). So if 1 day = 1000 years, then 1 hour = 40 years, then 1 minute = 8 months! Since there are 60 minutes in 1 hour and 12 months in a year.

If all that went over your head, maybe you should have paid more attention in school!! Lol…

And lastly, I remember when I took a huge part of my quiet time to compare the maths involved in the two accounts of Jesus feeding the multitudes. One, He fed 5000 men (minus women and children) with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, 12 baskets left over. Two, He fed 4000 men (not counting women and children) with 7 loaves, with 7 baskets leftover.

I wish I could find my journal where I spent a considerable amount of time doing some proportionality maths!

Anyway, that would be all for today folks! I hope you at least smiled at the way my mind works sometimes.

To your embrace of things you love, . . .

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