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Another collection of thoughts

Although a few interesting things have happened in my life since my last post, I don’t feel they are ready to be shared with the world yet. I think they still need some marinating and cooking and eating and digestion and absorption and. . .you get my drift. So, when they’re ready, you’ll have them served. Hot, delicious and satisfying! Hehe…

I apologise for having to apologise again

for breaking my commitment to writing two posts last week and delaying this one for a couple of days. Bear with me please, my friend.

To make it easy to maintain the commitment, I’m just going to share a couple of thoughts I’ve brewed on recently. Like I did a couple of months ago.

Imagine someone you know that tends to misbehave, at least by your standards, and you really want to just do away with them already. Then, without thinking you act kind to them knowing fully well that they have the capacity to do you wrong. And you almost want to take back that kindness.

Struggling? Think of Jesus’ interaction with His disciples before He went to the cross, when He washed their feet. John 13 lets us know right off the bat that Jesus knew Judas was going to betray Him.

But He still went ahead and washed his feet together with the rest of His disciples’. He knew some of the Jews were going to shout, Crucify Him! But He still went ahead and healed and taught them. He knew Uncle Peter was going to deny Him 3 times in a matter of hours! BUT he still went ahead and made him the rock of the church.

Makes me wonder…would I do the same? At this point in my life, my answer is skewing towards the No axis. Or at least I’m not sure.

Next thought.

Have you ever tried to open an annoyingly tight bottle of anything? And it seems like the manufacturers had a personal vendetta against you. Like they wanted to show you up for not lifting weights as you ought to in the gym! Add the inconvenience of no one else being nearby to help you. Or worse still, no nearby one that’s willing to help you, enter social distancing!

Well, you put aside your pride. You open your mouth wide. You grab on to the cap with your (hopefully) 32 white soldiers. And tell the bottle who’s boss! Hahaha…

Not happened to you before? Don’t worry, very soon it would!

What other things have you noticed this rainy summer? Tell me in the comments below.

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To your learning from the everyday, . . .

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