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19 Blessings of this season 2

Last week, I began listing the first 10 of the 19 blessings I have perceived from this time. You can read it here. I’m continuing along those same lines here.

11) This season has provided the opportunity for bonding with others, both family and friends. Even though there may be physical distancing, the internet has made us ingenious in finding ways to get closer. I have played quizzes and challenges through WhatsApp which has resulted in many laughs and smiles. #quickbonding

12) More time for prayer and Bible study. More time to read all them books you have been piling on your bedside table. With very good intentions of reading them last decade! This is your time. #dustthebooks

13) Have you gone out of your house recently? If not, please do. Surely you must notice how clearer the air is. Less fumes from vehicles. Less noise from unruly teenagers. Enjoy this while it lasts. #breatheeasy

14) Becoming more internet-savvy! I’ve downloaded more apps over the last two weeks than I’ve done over any two weeks since I owned a smartphone. Some of you didn’t even know the apps you already have could do some amazing things! Till this! #bosstheinternet

15) Connecting with others more intentionally. Not having normal everyday human contact has probably made you realise how important human connection is. No selfish. Reach out today!! #nosocialdistancing

16) For those of us that have been worried our waxing, threading or plucking of eyebrows has made them thinner, this is the time to allow it all grow back without fear of anyone finding you looking like you just came out from the back side of the desert. #hibernation

17) Hobbies! Hobbies!! More Hobbies!!! New hobbies!!!! Need I say more? This time has allowed us feed our souls with old and new hobbies. Exploring our creativity. Cook. Dance. Build. Write. Draw. Learn. Laugh. Doing what we secretly wanted to spend the rest of our lives doing. #getbusy

18) If your church family has been praying and fasting this season, you better send your pastors some money! Because they’ve saved your food costs by eating less, gym costs for the weight you’d have gained from being at home so much, water and energy bills. You get my drift. Best of all, they’re building your faith! #faithfastfat

19) Last but not least, this time has taught us about money. Even if you wanted to buy that beautiful coat or shoe you’ve been eyeing for months, you can’t. The stores are closed. Even some online stores are closed too. It helps you put put how you use your money in the right perspective. Give to others. Sow into the Gospel. #moneywise

To your thinking of all that you’re grateful for this season, . . . .

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