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19 Blessings of this season

This too shall pass. It’s inevitable. Many have come before this. They’ve also gone. While life as we know it may look different once the tide turns, it will all be for our good as individuals and as a human race. The current COVID-19 health challenge is one, with GOD on our side and the continued prayers of HIS saints, we have already won.

Believe it and live in that reality while keeping to the guidelines of your country.

While it may be hard to do, as we’re all affected differently by the virus, I decided to take time to gather the blessings I perceive I have received for this season. Here are the first of 19 of them.

1) I started running again. The gyms have been shut so that’s ruled out. #natureisgodgivengym

2) Being out has also blessed my mind with appreciating beautiful houses and cars. My mind is expanding. Not everyone lives in a back-to-back house. #allthingsarepossible

3) I’ve also discovered a path at the back of the back of my house that leads to the back of a golf course!! Whaaatt!!! #thelandisgreen

4) Having to limit my time outdoors to absolutely necessary, means I have to explore the depths of my freezer, bringing out food I had no idea existed. #foodarchaelogy

5) Listening to messages on YouTube has been a blessing. More so in this time. Not sure how else I’d have kept my mind in the right frame. Apostle Joshua Selman, anyone? If you haven’t listened to him, you do yourself an honest disservice. #Wordfest

6) Anyone encouraged by the many Christian ministers sharing with us via Instagram? I’m so thankful for them. Some just sharing funny memes and videos. The laughs keep life alive. Some prayers. Other praise. Get filled people. #bottomlesswell

7) I actually shot a video of myself for the first time. Decided to see if my arms can still hold 10 pushups from my feet. And they did. Haha. #gymuseful

8) Unity of ministers of the Gospel, as they come together, organising global and national days and hours of prayer and worship, to bring the power of GOD to bear in the current situation. #unityoffaith

9) Cleaning, organising and valuing your living spaces. Getting into those places you haven’t reached since you’ve moved into that house. Discarding things you haven’t used in months if not years. #deepclean

10) The internet. Do I need to say anymore? The fellow that invented this needs to be honoured massively! Only GOD knows how we would have managed without it! #onlinelife

11) To be continued.

Keep counting your blessings no matter your circumstances.

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