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Good Morning Year 11

June 2020

I dreamed of teenagers obeying the last command. Instead, I got sass and eye rolls. Would I make it till school’s out for summer? If you have ever wondered how African teachers discipline children while sparing the rod, welcome to the life of a Nigerian teacher.

From tantrums to talkbacks, near misses to ridiculous excuses, Good Morning Year 11 gives you front row view of the hilarious episodes of classroom drama.

What started as a collection of stories as a life blogger, has culminated into this first book in my author portfolio.

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GMY11 Book Preview

Want to get a taste of what the book is all about? You can now enjoy a sample of my book for free on Amazon.


#GMY11 is such an interesting read. From the typesetting to the length of chapters without obvious numbering but clear headlines to the stories, the lessons and takeaways embedded in between them.
I had many moments of loud laughter and squeals as I could relate with or imagine the experience.
Well done ma'am. it's informative, educative and entertaining.


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