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From Diapers to Doctorate Dollar Free

February 2021

Imagine getting an all-expenses paid education up to and beyond a PhD. You know you have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of your academic aspirations. 

Yet your country’s leaders have not invested in her education sector. It is very depressing to know you deserve top quality education but cannot afford it no matter how long you save for. Very competitive scholarships and bursaries are now the only doors through which you can gain the education you deserve.

From winning the National Mathematical Centre Scholarship in high school, to the 5-year Shell Scholarship for her undergraduate degree at the University of Lagos, the Loughborough University African Development Trust Scholarship for her MSc, crowned with a fully funded PhD, Dr Chinwe Njoku is has enjoyed academic freedom from financial disadvantages of her family background.

And my new book, From Diapers to Doctorate Dollar Free, as an educational consultant, will guide you on your quest to secure funding for your international studies.

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