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CC Educational Consultancy

Following a successful classroom teaching career, CC Educational Consultancy has been set up to provide educational services for schools on a journey to improving their teaching and learning, curriculum development and teacher training and development.

With an emphasis on preparing departments and schools to meet the UK's Teaching Standards, CCEC creates bespoke offerings to meet the needs of schools for their various contexts. CCEC consults for schools in the UK and Nigeria and is looking to expand to other national education systems.

The focus is the student, necessitating a comprehensive plan to ensure their teachers, other members of the school community and their learning environment all contribute to the optimal achievement of their potential, while preparing them adequately for the constantly changing world in which they live.

CC Educational Consultancy is a one of its kind educational service only for school leaders who care and are committed to seeing the vision of their schools fully realised.


I really value my customers, clients, parents and students' and always love to read their feedback.

You can read some of their reviews directly from my former and current clients and parents.

Mature Woman

"Dom got an 8 in his Maths. Thank you for your help."


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